spartan 6 datasheet

spartan 6 datasheet

For reference, the power requirements from the xilinx spartan 6 datasheet and dc switching.

Xilinx spartan-6 lx fpgas provide up to 147k logic cell density, 4. 8mb memory, integrated memory controllers, dsp slices, and high performance integrated ip.

Fpga spartan-6 xc6slx9 in tqg144 package flash memory 16 mb spi flash memory (m25p16) 100mhz cmos oscillator usb 2.

This spartan-6 fpga data sheet, part of an overall set of documentation on the spartan-6 family of fpgas, is available on the xilinx website.

Spartan-6 fpgas offer the best solution for high-volume logic designs,. Pci technology support compatible with the 33 mhz, 32- and 64-bit specification.

The information disclosed to you hereunder (the materials) is.

High performance xilinx spartan-6 lx fpga, depending on model lx45, lx100 or.