spartan 6 specifications

spartan 6 specifications

The information disclosed to you hereunder (the materials) is.

Product description 50 mhz clock temperature sensor ldr interface spi dac ps2 compatible usb interface 2x16 lcd display &midd.

This design is based on the spartan 6 lxt family, but can be repurposed to power the spa.

Xilinx spartan 6 fpga project board,the spartan6 fpga project board is a.

Net 73 spartan-6 fpga data sheet dc and switching characteri stics ds162 (v1. 9) august 23, 2010 adva nce product specification spartan-6.

The spartan-6 fpga -3n speed grade designates devices that do not support mcb functionality. All supply voltage and junction temperature specifications are.

The eleven spartan-6 devices cover a wide range, from 3,800 to 147,000 logic cells, with up to 184,000 flip-flops and up to 4.

Spartan-6 fpga module features sixty-four io lines, through the rear connector. Acromags cost-effective xmc-slx modules feature a user-configurable xilinx spartan-6 f.