spartan hindi meaning

spartan hindi meaning

Spartan meaning in hindi adjective noun spartan definitions and meaning in english spartan sentences from popular quotes and books rel.

Spartan (noun) a native or inhabitant of sparta figuratively, a person of great courage and fortitude. Spartan (adjective) of or pertaining to sparta, especially to.


Adjective (sada, saadaa) (nirbhik, nirbheek) (titiksh) (kathorata se anushasit,.).

Spartan definition a spartan lifestyle or existence is very simple or strict, with no.

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Spartan meaning in urdu sparta ka rehnay wala .

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Spartan meaning in hindi find the definition of spartan in hindi.

The spartans were the dorian inhabitants of a greek city-state in the peloponnese that for many centuries was one of the greatest of greek.