spartan locker

spartan locker

The spartan locker, by usa standard gear, provides reliable traction at a low cost.

Below are the installation instructions for our spartan locker.

Buy usa standard spartan locker for dana 60 diff w 35 spline axles incl.

The spartan locker by usa standard gear is a mechanical locker that fits inside a standard case. The spartan lockers design does not use the thrust washers.

Spartan locker a locking differential that can be easily installed without any special tools or setup equipment is ideal for a 4x4 enthusiast.

The yukon spartan diff locker has been designed to provide the dana 44 with better traction properties.

Spartan locker sl d-lsd - spartan helical gear limited slip worm gear positraction for dana 30 front 27 spline 3.

Usa standard gear sl d30-27 differential-27 axles spartan locker for dana 30 differential 27 spline in differential assembly kits.